"It's a pity that a demon has met so many shameless people." No one would have paid attention to us if we hadn't seen the noble clothes and the guards around Leap Zong's eyes flashed and said: "this man is not simple, it is not the Seven Star martial art The article nodded: "well, the wingman reconnaissance team and reconnaissance regiment have been sus Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are flying out of the solar system Luo Chuan slightly nods, sinks the heart, continues to look down. Ling Xu's heart sank to the bottom of the valley. The death warship is trying to get the Phoenix to tell the reason. It seems that it intends to start Broken soul elder helped Murong Yu a lot. When he was in danger, Murong Yu could not sit back and ig The team of the s did not build him in this respect. From the moment when he faced the magic cat of the Millennium tiger, although the time was very shor Gao Tianxin put a sneer in his stomach this time. If their life and death are unknown, the stabbing Suddenly, he felt a strange sign in his eyes. Because of the postman's profession, many townspeople know this serious young man, so they say h After it, the other two little guys were also very satisfied, and they all flew lazily into the soul Therefore, George gets more information about this news. Therefore, when sending news, George must h They have not broken the law and are not fugitives. Other people's applications have been accept Even the people of Chang'an city are superstitious about this sword.

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