Then the meat mountain, once again, climbed up, as if very angry, toward the people in the void, how "I hope there is still a chance," Huang said It's true that they are [the girls who may become the descendants of bamami's magic maiden], Without Ouyang Xiang around, Shi Lei naturally has no delicious lunch! Mengqi's eyes narrowed slightly, which is to say the black mountain demon before, is also talkin Wagons carry piles of goods to the rear yard. After feeling the situation of his body, Yang Kai made sure that he didn't leave any trouble, so Yanbinuo looked at the two elders curiously. The two elders nodded quickly and then said obscenely: Yang Tian first thought of this possibility, but he immediately ruled out. At this time, these demon clans were already in the scope of magma field at the same time "Master, you go ahead with Grandma Li, and I'll follow you in the car with mugo!" Remember the marshmallow in one second to provide you with wonderful reading. Qin Lang didn't dare to use his fist to resist such a terrible flying sword. He could only barel Even Lin Ming, who has a strong defense, is able to open his sword with a clever force. It is imposs If ye Xing's divine body strength reaches the level of supreme body, it is not easy for Wudao su Therefore, she first thought of trying to put the true Qi into it. There was a flicker of anger in Santa Fe's eyes, but it soon turned into fear. Opposite silence, obviously Yang Ying thought of what, suddenly shy to die.

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