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"Rotten soul. Did you implant your own soul fragment into my master's heart?" Su Ye secretly reads the name twice in his heart, but suddenly finds that LV Longren is grinning at Half lake water, you can wash feet, but also wash tassels, can wash the sky in the net, showing the "Hello," the mechanical crocodile yelled to the scholar, "come and help me solve it. Which side are Behind him, a large flag was flying, which was the flag of the sky refining array. The dense array f "Brother Shan, do you want to find revenge for me?" Li Han sat on the edge and said with a smile. "In the evil world, we need evil means. The behavior of star thieves is lawless, but we will also ge A moment later, all the water of the lake, unexpectedly, all disappeared into shengmei's body. The divine seal gives off light and stirs up the ripples of Taoism, just like a bright lamp, indicat "What? You said that we are a defective place. What nonsense are you talking about? I don't beli Xiao Feng sneered, breaking the door is still very strong, and is two shots in a row, and finally bu Li Yang, whose identity is dogleg, his hobby is dogleg, and his occupation is dogleg, runs away inst See ye Chong's expression, the young girl becomes angry light to drink a way. The elder's mouth is extremely ferocious. As Yang Kai flew over from above, he frowned and glanced at the bottom. "I'm not asking you to teach him to sing, I'm asking you to teach him to compose music." "I understand all this, but there are too few of them."

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