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The old man's hands shaking when he caught the food. His eyes also rolled several tears. He aske The mysterious childe of that mysterious world. The soldiers did not despise the enemy. They drew a strange arc and stabbed the other side's arm But the fact is, Zhang Ming's eyes are still, watching his hands bombard up. But for her physical quality and ability, she would not have done so easily. "Zhitao, what's the matter with you?" Yesterday, he asked song Yuqi to contact Fu Jie. The boy who failed in the attack let out a cry of surprise and a cry of "bad". This is all that remains of the original 250000 army. The consul of Xinhua in Guangzhou should have agreed to the conditions in the morning. Yang Kai reached out his hand to brush, and collected all the minerals into his own space ring. Then See dragon Ao day unexpectedly did not continue to hand the meaning, immediately four people's f Yi Qian said: "when I left that world, it fell from the sky of that world." "Well, you can go. Xianer and I will go back to Villa No. 9, and tie Xiaohu will stay at home. Befor Think of it as if these people were hanging up a photo. Tang Chun hit his chest fiercely, and his essence and blood spurted wildly on the green heaven tripo Purple Chen put a hand to say: "do not need to be polite, just a trade." "During this period of time, I will practice hard, and then I will be able to protect myself."

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