It's precious, but it's not as bad as this, right? "If you talk more, I will send you back to my hometown and never let you come out!" Dahei fought back with all his strength, and exploded the magic array with super large Shenneng Vall Increase the speed, strengthen the defense, and fight against the evil spirit of the eight Qi snake! It's a good thing to have red envelopes. Liu Yan has not yet reached the entrance of the cave. He can't help but cry out in surprise and Tang Yue said, but also deliberately looked at Pei Xi, "better than your physical fitness, you shoul Even caused the blood demon master's rebound. "Well, wipe off the water and go back to bed." The fist wrapped in the black flame thundered fiercely on the starlight shield! After a sigh of relief in his heart, Liu Dong shook his shoulders for a moment, as if still missing Wei Wei An smell speech eye wave flow turn way: "in fact, not all women are like Hu Ming Li like tha Lingyu Gong said: "back to Xinghe master, Xu went to the deep sea for many years, but there is no ne "It seems to be. It seems that they are greeting each other's relatives with that young man." All the energy nodes in the body vibrate and produce an indescribable resonance. In the wing room of Jiang's family, a man's voice is full of air. After flying at high speed, it seems that the rock is still flying at a speed of ten times, but it d "Let's train. We'll play Japan again in the evening."

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