As for the large sects, there is only one standard, that is, a double-digit real person of thunder r Rulian realized that the blind man was kind-hearted. He was embarrassed and said, "thank you very mu There was a trace of hostility in his tone. "Brother, if you have something to say, I will die forever." However, the sudden emergence of the Brooks Dynasty, but let everyone some surprise! His first stop was to go straight to a small immortal array under the control of Wangu cult. Old Liu is very clear about the temperament of these hermits. Let alone rob their disciples, even if Said the deputy commander, biting his teeth, I laughed and winked at Fischer. "I can't tell you anything, but if you're smart enough..." In short, its information will be connected with the knowledge of biology itself. Mujiao pretty landing, very happy to neon and neon shirt said. If there is any danger, Taichu city will leave this Muyang star region. At the next moment, the terrible pressure suddenly burst out from the body of the silver night thund It was a strange illusion, as if the eye did not belong to itself and was not under its own control. Then he took out the space equipment and put these huge werewolf's corpses in one after another. Yang Kai looks like a hindsight. He looks at Luo Hai and frowns and asks, "what does that mean, mast "Don't worry, brother Zeng. I always do what I say." Now, we can only seize all the spare time.

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